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Mindset & Success Coaching covers a wide variety of areas, including identifying ways to increase happiness, love, wealth, and overall enjoyment of life. Clients have the capacity to achieve these things inside of them already; it is a Coach’s role to help the client become aware of their innate strengths. As your Coach, I will facilitate the development of self-love, confidence, and a positive mindset. You will likely work on personal life issues, such as: • Personal relationships. • Self-love. • Discovering the authentic self. • Positive mindset. • Goal setting. • Increased income. • Increased joy and passion. • Increased self confidence. • Reducing stress and anxiety. • Self-motivation

I am licensed and certified in the following areas which help me to better allow you to reach your personal excellence:

  • Neuro Linguistics Programming Practitioner (NLP)

  • CORE Life & Success Coach

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapist

  • Time Techniques Counselor

  • Energy Healer/Reiki

  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer


Entrepreneur/Business Strategy Coaching is much more than simply pointing an enthusiastic business person in the right direction. You must have knowledge of how to start a business, and how to navigate the myriad of practical and emotional issues that come with it. As your coach, I will help you through the various aspects of entrepreneurship, such as: • Improving time management to help them stay on task. • Improving their leadership style. • Identifying supports (family, friends, contacts & investors). • Understanding marketing techniques and personal branding. • Expanding business contacts for greater success. • Developing methods for leveraging time and income. • Utilizing technology to increase performance and growth. • Strategizing the best plan of action in alignment with their vision, resources, support system, time, and capital.


Mindset & Success Coaching may often lead to Entrepreneur Coaching.

Once a person has finally found what they have been called to do in life, and has developed purpose, passion and motivation towards achieving their personal goals, they often desire achieving new business goals as well. About 70% of Coach Kael's personal development clients end up becoming Business Development or Entrepreneur Coaching clients later on. 



Mindset & Success Coaching 

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Entrepreneur & Business Coaching 

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